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39 Instant Pot Pasta Recipes That Are Surprisingly Easy

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Here in my home, we love pasta, I mean who doesn’t! And the Instant Pot makes things super easy! We have pasta almost every meal, just because that’s how easy instant pot pasta is. Check out this Instant Pot spaghetti recipe, for example, delicious marinara sauce, and pasta cooking at the same time!

I have created a list of 41+ amazing instant pot pasta recipes all in one post. It makes it perfect for pinning now, and referring back to it later for when you are needing a meal inspiration! 

White sauce, red sauce, it all is amazing in our books. I love piles of cheese, sprinkles of parsley to add more flavor. Even a dash of hot sauce to heat things up.

Pasta is so versatile and can be used in so many different ways, it truly amazes me. The best part is making pasta in the instant pot means less time cooking. And soon you can serve up one of your favorite dishes.

Can you cook dry pasta in the Instant Pot?

Lots of people ask this question. I have heard fears of it clumping or even becoming too mushy. My rule when making instant pot recipes that call for pasta, and I never have to drain, is to barely cover the pasta with water. For instants, if I use 1 box of pasta, this usually amounts to about 4 cups of water or broth.

Cooking times will vary a bit, depending on the shells, but I use half of whatever time is on the box and ALWAYS quick release.

Can you cook pasta in the Instant Pot? Instant Pot Pasta Recipes are my favorite dishes to cook in the instant pot. I haven't looked at pasta the same. #recipes #instantpot #instantpotpasta #pasta #pastafoodrecipes

What should I make first in my Instant Pot?

Of course, you should make pasta in your pressure cooker first. There are some really amazing recipes in the list below, and I am always adding more. This Instant Pot Crack Chicken Pasta is always a winner in my home.

We have begun using our instant pot all the time for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks.

For a single mom who sometimes doesn’t have a long time to waste prepping and cooking, it has really been a blessing.

I can create wholesome and nutritious meals in a fraction of the time as other cooking methods would be. I also find that the dishes are even more flavorful.

The instant pot is an electric pressure cooker so it really helps lock in nutrients and moisture in the food.

So no more serving up dried out chicken anymore! It is super easy to use, and there are so many different models and sizes to pick from to make it work for the size of family you have.

39 Instant Pot Pasta Recipes

This list is a great resource for finding Amazing Pasta recipes to make in your Instant Pot, so make sure to pin it for later.

This list includes chicken pasta, several macaroni and cheese recipes, ravioli recipes and even easy pasta.

You will never cook nor look at cooking pasta the same. Check out these 41+ Amazing Instant Pot Pasta Recipes, thank me later…

Can you cook pasta in the Instant Pot? Instant Pot Pasta Recipes are my favorite dishes to cook in the instant pot. I haven't looked at pasta the same. #recipes #instantpot #instantpotpasta #pasta #pastafoodrecipes

Instant Pot Pasta

There is a pasta recipe for pretty much everyone below. You have classic dishes, pasta packed with veggies, tons of cheese, seafood options, chicken, and the list goes on. I wanted to give you a really good variety of dishes to decide from.

Rummage through your pantry and see what you have on hand, and start cooking!

39 Instant Pot Pasta Recipes

Instant Pot Pasta means less cooking time and less fuss. Pasta is so versatile and can be used in so many different ways, it truly amazes me.

Wipe that drool off your face, I know after looking at all the yummy options you are probably drooling all over your keyboard or smartphone!

This is one awesome roundup, and I have a goal to make each and every single one of these recipes over the year. In our home,  love the variety and we love pasta even more!

Pasta Recipes

This list includes recipes for even the pickiest of eaters. And with as easy as it is to cook in the instant pot, I will rarely use my stovetop to make pasta. With your IP you only have a few minutes cook time and it comes out perfect time and time again.

You can start with some dry pasta and pasta sauce, maybe even add in some cream cheese and pressure cook a meal fit for a king.

One thing I will also add is the instant pot does a great job of cooking the pasta to perfection.

I was actually concerned the first time I made a pasta dish in the instant pot that it might turn it to mush. As time began ticking down I kept thinking, will this be a fail? To my amazement, it was a huge success, and we barely had leftovers it was that good.

So if you are like me, and had that form of hesitation about the consistency of the pasta, have no fear! I think you will really enjoy these recipes, and your family will be thanking you!

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